Prinz 25 Mounts "Standard" - black backing film PR-S200 View larger

Prinz 25 Mounts "Standard" - black backing film


Polystyrol stamp mounts have been proven to be the safest material to store your valuable stamps and documents. The extra strong clamping action of the mounts will securely hold your stamps in place preventing them from slipping out.

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A thin, not bulky laminated PVC (unplasticized) guarantees a secure hold for each brand. It offers the glare top film best view of the valuable stamps. The black, clear and gray lower film is rubberized on the back. Strips and blanks are available in many different formats. Who wants to collect his stamps in printed form or blank sheets only and representative, will find the right accessories.

Our Standard Mounts serve a safe accomodation for your stamps. They offer maximum protection against:

  • Sticking, colour changes, dust and moisture.
  • The strong seam securely holds stamp in place.
  • Keeping your stamp free of all harmful chemical acids, softeners or stearates, anti-reflected.
  • Special adhesion provides safe and solid bond with album pages.
  • Standard = open on 3 sides, closed at the border bottom.