Stock sheets Garant - made entirely of foil

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The Garant stock sheets are available in white, black and fully transparent. While the white and black sheets are provided with insert strips on both sides, the fully transparent sheets can only be used on one side so that, for example, the back of postage stamps, letters or cards can also be seen without removing them.

Sheet size: 270 x 297 mm

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Type Illustraded Album PagesWith Mounts
Number of strips1 Strips, 2 Strips, 3 Strips, 4 Strips, 5 Strips, 6 Strips, 7 Strips, 8 Strips
Overall size270 x 297 mm
Ring binder - number of rings14 Rings

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Suitable for all favorite ring binders and favorite ring cases.

The Garant stock sheets are suitable for storing sentences, single stamps, blocks of four, sheets, parts of sheets, blocks, roll stamps, stamp booklets, letters or cards. Also ideal for photos, slides, films, etc.

The stamps are fully protected, both the picture and the rubber side. The insert strips are firmly welded to the dimensionally stable carrier film, the resulting clamping effect holds the stamps immovably in place. No adhesives are used to make these sheets!

  • 14 holes
  • Package Unit: 5 sheets

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