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We offer all the stamp collecting supplies and accessories possibly needed by a stamp collector. All are top quality and at a competitive price. We have your tongs, perforation gauges, watermark detectors, stamp hinges, protective stamp mounts, magnifiers, glassine envelopes, approval cards, hinges, stockbooks, microscopes, stamp removers, stock sheeets, uv lamps, window envelopes  and the list goes on.


  • Blank album sheets

    Our specially designed thematic album pages and blank sheets made of high-quality, wood-free and ph-neutral paper will offer unlimited possibilities for an individual collection. These sheets are suitable for all our standard screw post, spring back and ring binders.

  • Protective Mounts

    Our mounts serve a safe accomodation for your stamps. They offer maximum protection against, sticking, colour changes, dust and moisture, the strong seam securely holds stamp in place. Briefmarkenkiste offer a well-considered international harmonized programme of clear-view and black mounts from unplasticised and acid-free special film and special rubber coating on the back sheet.

  • Stockbooks

    Besides albums, stock books are the perfect way to store your stamps in an attractive order. They have sturdy cardboard pages with glassine or acetate strips which keep your stamps in place while offering you an amazing amount of stock room! Interleaves between the pages offer even more protection, Our standard stockbook with vertical divider helps keep things in place even more. Nicely coloured padded leatherette covers (available in many colours) make them attractive in a bookcase. Keep your stamps in very good condition in one of the following stock books!

Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items